Vivense London

Vivense is an international furniture retailer and is looking for partners as we expand our global presence. Vivense has successfully served millions of customers across the world and we have an extensive catalogue of Furniture & Homewares. Become a Vivense Salespoint Partner today and join one of the fastest growing retailers in the world.

What is a Vivense Salespoint?

The Vivense Salespoint is a place where customers can come and connect with our brand. They can touch & sit on our pieces and experience the best that Vivense has to offer.

What are the requirements are we looking for in a Vivense Salespoint Partner?

  • 3 years experience in the furniture industry.
  • Minimum 400 m² of commercial space available.
  • Ability to hire an experienced sales team.

The Vivense Team will respond to all Salespoint Candidates within 1 month.

What is the process of opening a Vivense Salespoint?

  • The Salespoint Partner places an order for products that will be displayed in their Salespoint space.
  • Construction and decoration begins.
  • The Vivense brand logos & signage are installed.
  • The sales team to be trained on Vivense and our systems.
  • The branch address is included on the Vivense website and the customers are directed there.

How much will I earn monthly operating a Vivense Salespoint?

The commission rate that Vivense stores receive varies depending on the region in which the store is in. Sales commission will be paid monthly. There are 2 ways for which Vivense Salespoints earn commission.

  1. Sale in store
  2. Online sales in the region where the store is based.

The primary responsibility of the Salespoint Partner is to generate sales. The delivery of the product, shipping to the customer, assembly and other after-sales services will be all taken care of by Vivense. Salespoints that are part of the Vivense network will have access to the entire catalogue of Vivense’s products, even if the products are not on display in the store.

If you interested in opening a Vivense Salespoint or have any questions about the process please email [email protected]