Cora Coffee Table
Cora Coffee Table
Cora Coffee Table
Cora Coffee Table
Cora Coffee Table
Cora Coffee Table
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Cora Coffee Table (LG8-404)

Vivense Interior Designer Note

The Cora Coffee Table is a showstopper with its abstract base and elegant natural walnut veneer, this table is designed for compliments. The natural veneer finish gives each product its own unique pattern caused by the moiré and knots found in the natural structure of the tree.

Product Features

W 100 x D 100 x H 32 cm
This coffee table features a unique and contemporary design that will look good in any home. Its uniqueness will definitely make your home look magazine-worthy and impress your visitors. It might be designed differently, but that does not take away from its function as a coffee table for your living space. It is sleek, simple, elegant, but most of all-- it features a unique design that you won’t see anywhere else. If you want to make your living room look different with a subtle change, this coffee table can transform the entire look of your living area or family room.
Metal, Black paint finish
Top Table Material is natural walnut veneer on 18 mm MDF.
Additional Information
There may be pattern and tone differences in natural veneer and massive products. In natural coated products, factors such as the age of the tree, grain structure, climate, production at different times can make a difference in the coating. The reason for the coating tone difference that can be seen in different parts of the same product is that it is caused by the knots in the natural structure of the tree.
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