Our products bring together unique stories of making and living.

Vivense is one of the leading furniture e-commerce companies in Europe with over 1 million deliveries in 2020, having a unique business model combining online experience with many showrooms offering free interior service.

We are now proud to offer our great selection of furniture and accessories to our customers in the UK on vivenselondon.com and our first showroom at 180 Borough High Street, London.



We offer great products from selected manufacturers. We manage the furniture journey from sourcing products to delivery and after sales service with over 110,000 m2 warehouses across the UK and Turkey.


Due to our business model, we are able to cut all inefficiencies along the sourcing and fulfilment journey to offer good prices to our customers.


Our in-house interior designers are ready to help you curate your home. If you are struggling to decide, visit our showrooms and experience our fabrics first hand. Our interior designers will help you make the best decisions for your home.

Creating Beautiful Homes

Vivense brings a unique experience to create beautiful homes through interior design service and a well-curated product selection. We are inspirational, innovative and professional at the same time. Vivense envisions a more beautiful future while respecting heritage, environment and humanity.

Vivense's main investor is Actera Group, the largest private equity firm focused on investments in Turkey. Actera's investors are the world's leading international institutional investors, including pension funds, development banks and state investment institutions based in North America, Europe, the Far East and the Middle East.

Vivense has a strong sourcing capability and has a great selection of home products with focus on the furniture. Vivense offers an interior design service in more than 80 showrooms with more than 130 interior designers and has a strong e-commerce platform and mobile app to offer a unique experience to our customers. Vivense has proprietary technology managing the whole experience from e-commerce to last mile delivery.

Currently we are expanding to the UK and the EU. We continue to invest into our team, technology, sourcing and our fulfilment infrastructure. With over a thousand people we are analytical and creative, intuitive and rational at the same time. We love simplicity. We love focusing deeply on problems and having crystal clear solutions. We trust each other. We are committed to deliver a unique experience for our customers.

We love focusing deeply into problems and having crystal clear solutions. We trust each other. We are committed to deliver a unique experience for our customers.


Respect Environment

We take environmental responsibility seriously and work continuously to minimise our operational impact on the environment.

Respect Cultural Heritage

Vivense promotes the preservation of cultural heritage as a means toward a deeper understanding of our shared humanity.

Human Centred Business

We strive to show a deep respect for human beings inside and outside our company and for the communities they live in.

Vivense London products are the backdrop for yours – modern silhouettes setting the scene for life.


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